When the body is injured, it initiates the natural healing process by forming a blood clot.  This initial phase of healing occurs to stop the bleeding.  Next, tissue and bone regeneration occurs through the activation of platelets.  Research has now identified that during this phase, these platelets release over 300 different growth factors to the injury site, which stimulates:

Mitogenesis:  Initiation of cellular replication and regeneration for soft tissue (skin) repair.

Angiogenesis:  Increase blood flow (and oxygen) to the injured site through the formation of new blood vessels.

Osteogenesis:  Initiating bone repair through the production of new bone tissue.

Chemotaxis:  A chemical communication to other circulating platelets and blood cells which attracts them to the injured site and sustains the healing process.

  • Safe and non-toxic to tissue.
  • Autologous (obtained from the patient's own blood), thereby avoiding the risks of transmissible diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis
  • Easily prepared, readily available, and cost effective.

What is Platelet Gel?

  • Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive:  Face, Neck, and Forehead Lifts, laser Skin Resurfacing, Breast Augmentation and Reduction and Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).
  • Chronic Wound Card:  Diabetic Skin Ulcers, Stasis Ulcers, Radiation Skin Burns
  • Dental and Oral / Maxillofacial:  Stimulating Bone Growth for Sinus Lifts, ridge Augmentation & Facial Fracture Repair.
  • Orthopedic and Neuro Surgery: Hip / Knee Replacement, Bone Grafts, Repair of Non-Union of Bone, Spinal Fusion, and Dural Leaks.
  • Burns: Graft Placement.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, which processes the blood without need for manual manipulation.   The APG is delivered into a collection syringe and is ready for immediate application. 

Patient Benefits

Accelerated Healing

Autologous platelet gel is a biologic substance that is prepared from the patient's own blood at the time of surgery. It is created by concentrating the platelets in whole blood into Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) through centrifugation.

This is exactly what is accomplished with the application of Autologous Platelet Gel (APG)!

This increase in growth factor availability leads to acceleration of the healing process.

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Autologous Platelet Gel (APG) is the building block to a faster, more comfortable recovery. 

Normal Healing

Advanced Perfusion

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The Process

Compare a normal blood clot (NBC) to APG;

                                     NBC       APG

Red Blood Cells           95%      4%

PLATELETS               < 5%     95%

White Blood Cells     < 1%        1+%

Clinical Applications

Typically, the concentration of platelets achieved in APG is four to ten times the patient's baseline platelet count, while white blood cell counts increase up to 125%.

Physicians and Researchers have documented that the use of Autologous Platelet Gel can:

Accelerate bone and tissue regeneration, growth, and healing

Decrease post-operative pain, reducing the need for analgesics.

Minimize the risk of post-operative infection by increasing the concentration of white blood cells at the surgical site.

Enhance hemostasis and reduce post-operative edema thereby decreasing the amount of bruising, and reducing or eliminating the need for drains.

Increased patient comfort with a faster return to a normal lifestyle.

Why choose Platelet Gel?

Depending upon the case type, APG requires as little as 45cc (three tablespoons) to 135cc of the patient's own blood, collected just prior to the procedure.  It requires only 30 minutes to process, and only minutes to apply.  The result is a high concentration of growth factors delivered directly to the operative site.


Specializing in Autologous Blood Component Therapies

Advanced Perfusion

A normal blood clot is made up of 95% red blood cells.  However, it is the growth factors found in platelets that facilitate the healing process.  Greater numbers of platelets deposited at a wound or surgical site lead to a larger concentration of growth factors available to the injured tissues.